Presque Isle Colon and Rectal Surgery is the ONLY place offering a colonoscopy, WITHOUT AN ORAL PREP


  • • Safe and Gentle Non-oral colonoscopy preparation utilizing a low pressure, computer regulated irrigation system
  • • Closed system [no spillage/soiling] for colonoscopy preparation
  • • Hygienic system, featuring UV Sterilization
  • • No lost days from work or lost sleep experienced  with oral preps, as it is provided the day of the colonoscopy
  • • No dehydration or risk of fluid overload
  • • Comparable cost to liquid or pill based oral preps

  • Other important facts

    • • 60% of patients who should have a screening colonoscopy done at age 50, never have it done! The main reason = The ORAL PREP.
    • • Most common reasons for not wanting a ORAL BOWEL PREP: Poor taste, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and the large volume (1 gallon)
    • • Aquaprep offers a colon preparation WITHOUT THE NEED OR HASSLE OF AN ORAL PREP.
    • • Equally effective as liquid or pill based oral preparations with none of the side effects
    • • Extraordinarily effective for “slow colon” constipation symptoms not amenable to standard bowel preparations.
    • • Significantly limits the potential for multiple or incomplete preps requiring repeat procedures.

Traditional Services

Colon Cancer Surveillance and Screening
Ulcerative Colitis Treatment
Rectocele Treatment
Rectal Prolapse Treatment
Pruritis Ani Treatment
Pilonidal Cystic Disease
Hemorrhoids Treatment
Anal Warts Treatment
Anal Abscess/Anal Fistula Treatment

Advanced Treatments

Aquaprep™ "Prep-less Colonoscopy”
Hereditary Colon Cancer
Pelvic Floor Disorders / Bowel Incontinence
Robotic Assisted Colon Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery

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